Leading The Tribes with John Grubbs

Leading the Tribes

This powerful experience explores the impact social media has had on the many tribes in our lives. Our family tribes, friend tribes, and even work tribes are dominant in today’s experience. Transactional management is no longer effective. We must build tribal leaders in the workplace. Discover key insights on what it takes to empower today’s teams for success. We will explore the dangers of hiring sheep. Learn what it takes to create a workplace that people choose to belong and feel motivated as warriors for a purpose.

Highlights include:

- Create a sense of belonging with our teams at work
- Understand the physiology of human tribalism
- Differentiate between transactional management and tribal leadership
- Discuss employee engagement rates and the impact on organizations
- Build unified teams that are cohesive and “sticky” for talent
- Learn best practices for connecting with team members

Value to Students:

Students will develop the ability to understand today’s complex workforce. Management of the past will not attract and retain today’s nomadic workforce. Find out what it takes to become the employer of choice rather than necessity. Discover fatal mistakes that cause employees to leave your company and destroy your reputation in the hiring community.

  • PART 1
  • Leading the Tribes - Section 1
  • Leading the Tribes - Section 2
  • Leading the Tribes - Section 3
  • Leading the Tribes - Section 4
  • Leading the Tribes - Section 5
  • PART 2
  • Leading the Tribes - Section 6
  • Leading the Tribes - Section 7
  • Leading the Tribes - Closing Remarks
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Completion rules
  • All units must be completed